Lomi Lomi is the Hawaiian word for massage.

There are numerous lineages and the one I learned was originally known as Ke Ala Hoku (Pathway to the Stars) or Lomi Lomi Nui (The Great Massage). It's founder Kahu Abraham Kawai'i Auai'ia Maka'i'ole Uliama developed this rich and rare form based on different pre-Polynesian traditions all interconnected in the indigenous mind.

In this ancient wisdom, every cell holds

a memory of our whole existence.

The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage has an important spiritual component and each session is open with the practitioner offering a prayer dance-like ritual. In part, it is a way to step in the present moment and honour the omnipresence of Life.

The massage involves the application of a generous amount of oiI. The draping is modified to allow long continuous strokes and flowing dance-like movements. It also allows for multiple areas of the body to be addressed simultaneously. It includes gentle stretch, joint mobilizations, face, head and abdominal massage.


Sacred Temple Lomi Lomi:

Through attentive touch, energetic movement based on the notion of nature, spontaneous breath and music carefully chosen from the client's lineage background, a space is created to shed layers and stimulate your deep awareness. It gives an opportunity to reconnect with the sacred and open to new possibilities by allowing the natural self to reawaken. These instinctual, nurturing and flowing sessions unfold each time in a way unique to each person and is well suited in times of challenges and changes. 

This session takes 2.5-3 hours. It includes a short phone consultation to discuss ancestral backgrounds and preparation needs.

The music is carefully mixed and

played loudly as an aid 

to shake loose and get out of your head. 

It is strongly recommended to avoid alcohol and recreational drugs at least 24 hours

before the session and 3 days after. 

* Please book 1 week in advance. 

Unwinding Lomi Lomi :

I have created Unwinding Lomi based on the Ancient Temple Lomi style to make it more accessible by simply bypassing the music search aspect and providing shorter sessions. (75-90min.) 

Each session is facilitated through what instinctually arise as a way to reduce anxiety, release muscular tension, calm the mind and promote harmony.

It is profoundly relaxing and rejuvenating. 

My teacher Jody Mountain is a direct student of Kahu. I have had the honour in deepening the work with her for the past 6 years here in Canada and in Maui'i, Hawai'i.

I am now certified as an Apprentice in this rare lineage.

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